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welcome (the mission)

Welcome to the Home for the Nayi Disha Project.

“Simulating the real experience is one of the best ways to remember information. 90% of what you say and do is remembered by your brain.”
– Anonymous

People have been reinventing the art of education for centuries, and computers have been our latest tools to make the spread of knowledge easy. And they have certainly done wonders.

However, we (at Nayi Disha) feel there is still a lot more than can be done. We feel that a lot of unnecessary time is wasted by children across the world learning how to use the tools, instead of actually using them – that in spite its advertised ease-of-use the GUI interface today lacks the direct-world metaphor many of us can easily associate with. There is often a steep learning curve, which eventually becomes the bottleneck for many eager minds.

Nayi Disha (literally meaning “A new direction” in Hindi) hopes to be a gateway between these children and computers, and the magic that they have to offer.

We believe that the answer lies in the newly developing field of NUIs or Natural User Interfaces. NUIs have this inherent quality of being able to adapt to interactions we perform in the real world. Thereby, making the learning curve associated with them even easier.We use Microsoft Kinect camera as a tool to start working and exploring the concept of using natural interfaces.

We have created two games so far, in addition to a framework that allows quick addition of new games to a menu children can pick from.

Finally, to summarise, we wish to be able to explore possibilities associated with natural interactions in education. For now we hope to start with the development of an ecosystem of NUI based games using the Microsoft Kinect camera.

Please check out a video of our initial efforts below:

For more information about the project and how to contribute please go through the tabs above. You can contact us through this page also email us directly on nayidishaproject [at] gmail [dot] com for any other queries/suggestions. 🙂

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